Flatweave Rugs

Design, Texture & Natural Material

Each of these handcrafted area rugs is a work of art woven by a skilled artisan. The fresh color combo’s and multi-level pile heights put a modern perspective on an age-old craft.

Celebrate the preservation of handcrafted traditions and bring one-of-a-kind character into your home.

The Jovial Collection

With its meticulously hand-knotted texture applied to a hand-woven base, the Jovial Collection offers an innovative look that feels relaxed, yet refined. Crafted by master artisans of wool and jute, each piece naturally offers long-lasting durability--perfect for the busiest rooms in the house.

Jovial 600

Jovial 601

Jovial 602

Jovial 603

Jovial 604

Jovial 605

The Panorama Collection

The Panorama Collection appeal is in its subtle sophistication that is at home in both formal and casual settings.

Panorama 373

Panorama 374

Panorama 375

Panorama 376

Panorama 377

Panorama 370

Panorama 371

The Bijou Collection

The rich colorations in Bijou’s hand-tufted wool rug along with a vibrant and metallic yarn provide a great accent to any room. Enlighten your favorite space with this shimmery rug.

Bijou 783

Bijou 784

Bijou 785

Bijou 786

Bijou 787

Bijou 788

Bijou 789

The Spangle Collection

Spangle’s subtle minimal approach gives your home a lovely, yet casual accent. Space dyed felted wool with high luster viscose creates a shimmering highlight effect. Available in ten great color families.

Spangle 339

Spangle 338

Spangle 337

Spangle 336

Spangle 335

Spangle 334

Spangle 333

Spangle 341

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